Illuminate your path like never before and enjoy a safer and more exhilarating riding experience.

Our bike headlight set combines cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance, ensuring that you ride with confidence, day or night.

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Why 1800 Lumens Stamina Stands Out?

About the 1800 Lumen Stamina Bicycle Light Set

Light your way with our most powerful light and battery. INCLUDED is our versatile NEW GoPro style mount for the best possible bike light experience.

  • EXTREMELY BRIGHT 1800 Lumen CREE LED Technology - This Bike Light with new 10,400mAh battery gets Approximately 4-5 Hours on High, 7 hours on medium, 12 hours on Low
  • SAFETY - MORE FEATURES than any look-alike - Strobe for Daytime Riding Clears Cars From Your Path
  • EXTERNAL RECHARGEABLE WATERPROOF BATTERY - Incredible 10,400mAh BATTERY Encased in Military Grade Plastic - Allows Our Cycling Flashlight to Outshine The Competition
  • BEST BIKE LIGHT SET for mountain BIKING / MX NIGHT RIDING / CAMPING / HIKING / RUNNING with Included Helmet Accessories


Battery Level Indicator

Easily gauge the battery level with obvious indicator lights on the top of the headlight.

5 Beam Settings and our Highest Capacity Battery Ever

Customize the beam to see farther, be seen better, or extend your battery life with 5 different beam settings for brightness and strobe. You're in safe hands with our highest capacity ever 10,400mAh rechargeable external battery.

Embrace the 1800 Lumens Stamina Headlight Parts

Experience the durability and performance of the 1800 Lumens Stamina Headlight parts, featuring a waterproof frame, rubber gasket, glass, reflector, and a robust body for an illuminating biking experience.

USB Rechargeable Taillight

Be seen from behind with the multiple brightness and strobe settings on the COB LED micro USB rechargeable taillight included in your purchase.

Convenient GoPro Mounting Kit

With our comprehensive GoPro Mounting Options, you have everything you need to attach and position your 1800 Lumens Stamina Bike Headlight Set exactly how you prefer.

Versatile Mounting Solutions

Take your GoPro adventures to new heights with our comprehensive GoPro Mounting Options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our batteries have a 1-year warranty, and all lights have a lifetime warranty. If you have any issue at all you can contact us directly at and we will quickly get it taken care of for you.

Yes. The headlight and battery are both encased in military grade plastic that allow for all the snow, rain, and puddles you are ready to take on.

The provided head strap can be stretch over the helmet and secured with zip ties or velcro straps. OR The mounting plate can be removed from the strap. There on slots on the plate that allow for the strap to slip from. Once the plate is removed, you can secure it to your helmet by whatever means is desired. We do provide a 3M double sticky pad and zip ties. Once the mount is secured you can then have the wire go down the back of the helmet. The battery can me stored in a packpack or an under the seat bag.

Typically a fully drained battery will take 5-8 hours to charge. The charger should stay red while charging. It may turn an amber color briefly before turning green to indicate a full charge.

Headlight weight: 4.5oz
Battery weight: 11.5oz


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