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Experience Hassle-Free Returns within 30 Days

Free Shipping on All Orders to the US!

Enjoy a Lifetime Guarantee on Every Purchase.

All Products Come with a 1-Year Warranty.

    Warranty Information

    All of our headlights are backed by our Lifetime Defect Warranty. This does not include wear and tear.

    All batteries are backed by our 1-year Defect Warranty. Since lithium-ion batteries lose small amounts of life after each use, or while sitting idle while completely dead, the warranty will be for a full charge that lasts less than a 1-1/2 hours in that first year.

    To qualify for warranty replacements, you must provide proof of purchase.

    Our warranties are quick and hassle-free. If you have a warranty issue or questions please contact us using the information below.

    Customer service is our number one priority! You can always contact us either through the email, or through the Contact Us page on our website.

    Multiple warranty claims within 1 year may be subject to further investigation before more warranties are issued. Discounts may be substituted for such instances.

    All warrantied Items within the United States will include Free Shipping. On Items sent outside of the US, we will provide a code for the item to be free, and you only pay the shipping.


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